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Introduction: Professional Background of Dewayne Staats

Dewayne Staats is the television play-by-play broadcaster for the Tampa Bay Rays of Major League Baseball, a position he has held since the inaugural season of the franchise in 1998. During his time with the Rays, he worked in the booth alongside color commentator Joe Magrane from 1998–2008. …

Experimax has its employees highly trained in the complete repair and restoration of their products, offering the best certified pre-owned Apple electronics on the market.

Experimax is an electronic retail store specializing in the repair and trade-in value of certified pre-owned and reusable Apple products. The business concept was co-created and developed by John Muir, and his father Jim Muir back in 2009. During this time, the Muirs began their business venture by selling all of their computer-electronics out of their home garage, and taking the value from those initial sales to open up their first store location in West Palm Beach, Florida in 2012.

Since 2015, due to the success at their original store in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Muir owned-family business has grown into a global franchise, having merged with the United Franchise Group, a Palm Beach County-based franchise development service. This opportunity led Experimax to offer franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation and world-wide around the world. …

Tribal Physics Leader Diane Marie sets forth her first relationship E-course for students and followers in the Tribal community.

Meet Our Coach

Diane Marie is a certified Tribal Physics Leadership Coach who works as an energy management consultant in the solar industry. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she studied design and marketing. Having worked as a sales professional for over two decades has allowed her to develop an understanding of psycho-dynamics within industry-related microcosms, especially coupled with the knowledge of tribal physics. Diane currently resides in Jupiter, Florida where she lives with her two children.

Course Introduction

Human empowerment coach Diane Marie offers an innovative, 4-week relationship E-course, utilizing historical and cultural Apache tribal wisdom, whom her mentors have studied with. This research will open her students’ eyes to a clearer understanding of the meaning behind tribal knowledge and the role it plays in the evolution of behavioral science among human beings. Her focus will be on cultural linguistics, behavioral patterns among peers, family, and friends. The foundation of tribal physics is described through the lens of the North, South, East, and West tribal positions of human interaction and connection in everyday relationships. …

The light shines in on Stephen and Elana Smith, as the young married couple opened a zero waste store in Tequesta,Florida on December 7th, 2018.

Stephen and Elana Smith are a local married couple in their late 20’s who started their own business, opening a zero waste store, in Tequesta, Florida one year ago. They opened their eco-friendly shop, One World Zero Waste on December 7th, 2018. Steven is a certified Barkan Method yoga instructor, and began his teaching journey in 2017. His wife, Elana is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and an Ayurveda practitioner. …

Dan prepares to enter Half-Moon(Ardha-Chandrasana). Fingers interlocked, arms begin to rise overhead, eyes drawing upward toward the ceiling. All the while keeping the chin tucked, with a slow inhale through the body’s core, keeping a straight spine.

Facing a time of uncertainty in January 2016, I was in search of finding a natural connection with a community out there that ran deeper than physicality and materialism. Having grown up with a mild case of cerebral palsy, I’ve been physically challenged since I was just a small child. This physical impairment brought forth my need to develop a mentally sound approach to my outlook on life, from a very early age in my childhood. Later on as an adult, despite having come a long way forward from where I was physically and mentally as a child, I still had an innate desire to find a place where I knew I could throw out all the outside distractions, thoughts of the past and anxieties of my future, and focus all my energy strictly on the present. I was looking to reach deeper for a more diversified perspective. There I was, on a chilly Monday afternoon in January, and I suddenly found myself walking into a popular local Bikram hot yoga studio in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. I began to feel instantly surrounded by a unique field of energy in which I had never experienced before. I briefly thought of my mother, a certified Hatha yoga instructor. If I joined Hot Yoga Downtown at the Gardens, it would be a great connection to share with my mother, to come from opposite sides of the yoga community to share our uniquely different experiences that have lead us to our own version of the power of the breath. …

Dan focuses on his own expectations to equate the same level of self-satisfaction in his workout as other members of the class.

A s I walk into American Top Team(ATT) every Friday night for my workout class, I know I’m the most physically challenged person in the room. I have a mild case of cerebral palsy that challenges the balance of my core. I know I’m not likely to fare well in a sparring match, though given the approach I take every time I enter the room people may say otherwise. That is because one area in which every person in the gym is given fair game is to work through the class with a progressive mind-set. I have to set my own expectations on what I can do, while keeping in mind that I’m still working all the right muscles, and all the same body parts as everyone in the class. …

Michael Lombardo(“The Don”) won unanimous decision over Emmanuel Verdier in the Bellator MMA Series: Miami event back in November 2017.

Michael Lombardo(“The Don”) is a professional Mixed Martial Arts performer and instructor. Mike recently recorded his fifth consecutive win over in New Orleans, Louisiana. …

Dan looks to implement a pattern of diversion, a mental path of concentrated stillness designed to keep intrusive thoughts from interfering with his focus on completing the current task at hand.

We often do things in repetition, over and over again until they become 2nd nature. We think because we’ve done something before, that as we plan to do it again, we will enact an experience we’ve already had. You may have done that activity before in a physical sense, but each time we encounter a different battle mentally, and that in sequence affects how we perform our actions physically.

The Thorough-Line

As we circulate this planet in our single God-given cycle of life, one that turns us from one direction intertwining it to the next, we create a thorough-line of remembrance, an association we take from each and every one of our experiences, the stops along the way that shape us for who we are in the present moment in time, while evolving into who we will become in the future, in the next phase of our life. …

Owner/ bio-mechanic instructor Joey Diovisalvi (front center) and Rob Paci (back right) at Joey D Performance Center

Since 2013, I have been attending a premier golf training facility in Jupiter Florida, owned by professional golf training coach Joey Diovisalvi. Joey D Golf Performance Center, is an athletic training facility that involves a unique form of workout training that is built on the foundation of biomechanics, a set of exercise techniques that Coach Diovisalvi and his staff of specialized physical therapists use to help improve each of their client’s golf game. They will measure and analyze movements of their golf swing, and lines of stress created at joints. The foundation behind golf-bio-mechanics at Joey D is based on the principle guidelines of the 4 Pillars of Strength. …


Danny Miegel

Offers unique insight on a variety of topics coming from an alternative perspective of specific first person experiences.

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