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Dan looks to implement a pattern of diversion, a mental path of concentrated stillness designed to keep intrusive thoughts from interfering with his focus on completing the current task at hand.

We often do things in repetition, over and over again until they become 2nd nature. We think because we’ve done something before, that as we plan to do it again, we will enact an experience we’ve already had. You may have done that activity before in a physical sense, but each time we encounter a different battle mentally, and that in sequence affects how we perform our actions physically.

The Thorough-Line

As we circulate this planet in our single God-given cycle of life, one that turns us from one direction intertwining it to the next, we create a thorough-line of remembrance, an association we take from each and every one of our experiences, the stops along the way that shape us for who we are in the present moment in time, while evolving into who we will become in the future, in the next phase of our life. But at the same time, we must recognize that we are the ones that are always in control reshaping our future evolution as a human being with our present actions that we take. What is symbolism for our future in our present state, is one that is always changing, therefore its truth is hidden, unable to be seen by our present state of being. That is because the future doesn’t exist. Only the present does. We may get an inkling of our future as we direct ourselves with our current actions, but if we are talking about a day from now, a week from now, a month from now or a year from now we are only writing a script. Even if we know what actions we plan to take within the next five minutes from where we are presently, we don’t know what thoughts we are going to encounter, whether they are uplifting or intrusive. A simple task could be interrupted by a sudden feeling of worry or doubt, that detracts us from our present task. That is why we only uncover a plan for what we think will occur but we don’t know for certain how that event will occur. We can’t tell how things will unfold until we act out our script. It unfolds itself in a way unknown, only told by our present state of mind that acts out our life’s actions with active perception of what is unfolding around us, as we continue to take action to accomplish goals with everyday mindfulness. We can write a future, but the future is just a script. How a script unfolds in action can only be seen when it actually occurs in its present form.

Muscle Memory

As a piano player, I’ve had to practice specific musical pieces over and over again, note by note, phrase by phrase, and line by line, to equate perfection. This required not only playing the right notes, but holding them for the right count in a timely sequence. In theory, I scripted out the same physical plan each time. I had the same goal of playing the song correctly. But I couldn’t anticipate the mistakes I would make along the way to perfecting the song. How would a mistake in the count hold of a note, affect how the song transitions from one sound to the next. The brain always strives for perfection, so it may seem that I had a song down perfect, if I practiced it to my liking 1000 times. But guess what? There is always a new layer of muscle memory that was added to my brain each time I’d play that song with the creation of a new sense of imagination, previously unknown in my relationship to that particular song.

Acquiring Knowledge and Pattern Development

We are creatures of habit in how are brains systematically acquire knowledge from every action we take, our fingers become accustomed to pressing the keys that create the musical flow that floods our surroundings, or the breath count in our respective yoga practices, and all the timely strokes we take in each of our actions. We store the knowledge of how, but often get diverted by the intrusive thought of fail, in failing to live up to what our progressive mind knows we can achieve. To remain progressive in our achievements, we must create a pattern to divert those thoughts of intrusion, by not allowing those thoughts to keep us from achieving our goals. This very thought process is a pattern of diversion. This pattern comes to fruition when we develop a plan to bring our mind back into the present moment to focus on completing our current task. We must anticipate eventual distraction, while not being deterred from completion. We can’t look at our distractions as something that is going to derail us but instead perceive them as checkpoints along the way to remind ourselves to look within, striving to keep our inner path on track with the goals we look to obtain outside ourselves, outside our comfort zone, along our life’s outer path. Everyone’s brain develops and reacts differently based off all the unique situations each of us find ourselves in. That is why each of us has our own pattern of diversion inside of us that is designed to steer us through our highs and lows, our thrills and inevitable setbacks. Every person has a different pattern that lies deep within their inner self, specifically created to help guide them through their own life and keep them from getting stuck in self-deflating circles. It is up to the individual to uncover this pattern which will keep them in a routine of progression while diverting them from thoughts of discouragement. This very path can be defined as our pattern of diversion.

Offers unique insight on a variety of topics coming from an alternative perspective of specific first person experiences.

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