Gerald I’m currently reading Jordan Peterson’s 12 Steps to life. I think the answer to a more reliable news source, is to have more people holding neutral unbiased podcasts like Joe Rogan that aren’t officially involved as politicians. I just think Fox News and CNN and the people that watch it, for the sole purpose of finding a network that is steered towards their close-minded point of view, without giving open consideration to all sides are simply misinformed. We need a more universal perspective, seeing things from other people’s point of view from their situation, and not ending the discussion on what benefits us alone as an individual. I think Jordan Peterson is trying understand that in the context of religion with regards to Relativism. We need a more universal point of view, that lacks political attachment. I’m clearly an independent. Politically and religiously, people who hold on to an extreme belief one way or the other, will not open their mind to a more diversified point of view, unless it is in a sense added on to or intertwined with a belief they already had. People don’t always consider why others would vote a certain way based on the facts that benefit them, but they aren’t taking into account the other person was born into different circumstances that lead them to believe and act a certain way. Often times staunch Republicans and staunch Democrats are only voting for their particular party with how they see themselves benefiting from it. Then they turn around and judge others who vote a certain way without taking into account that the situation that the other person is born into, is likely to lead them to a different outlook on what side of politics benefits them. Bottom line, that’s why I don’t like politics. Too much harsh judgement and not enough consideration of another’s perspective

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