Understanding Our Relationship Dynamics, The Tribal Physics: Which is Your Lens?

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Tribal Physics Leader Diane Marie sets forth her first relationship E-course for students and followers in the Tribal community.

Meet Our Coach

Diane Marie is a certified Tribal Physics Leadership Coach who works as an energy management consultant in the solar industry. She is a graduate of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, where she studied design and marketing. Having worked as a sales professional for over two decades has allowed her to develop an understanding of psycho-dynamics within industry-related microcosms, especially coupled with the knowledge of tribal physics. Diane currently resides in Jupiter, Florida where she lives with her two children.

Course Introduction

Human empowerment coach Diane Marie offers an innovative, 4-week relationship E-course, utilizing historical and cultural Apache tribal wisdom, whom her mentors have studied with. This research will open her students’ eyes to a clearer understanding of the meaning behind tribal knowledge and the role it plays in the evolution of behavioral science among human beings. Her focus will be on cultural linguistics, behavioral patterns among peers, family, and friends. The foundation of tribal physics is described through the lens of the North, South, East, and West tribal positions of human interaction and connection in everyday relationships.

As a longtime student of tribal physics in her own right, Diane promises the end result to be a smoother relationship transaction in both personal and professional relationships whether it be between a spouse, partner, teammate, or family member. According to Diane, like observing an experiment, we’re observing personality interactions and dynamics. This is not a personality test but a personality promise.

The Tribal Physics Series

Diane introduces students to the world of tribal physics with the launch of her first relationship E-course, in the exclusive release of Love, the Tribal Physics. This is just Part I of her new innovative series covering a broad range of personal and professional relationship dynamics. The initial E-course will set the precedent of what dedicated students and followers can expect of the individual course offerings that Diane will provide as she moves forward in this highly anticipated relationship growth and development series.

In this exciting first chapter of the series, her center of attention is on the role that tribal physics plays in the complexity of a romantic relationship between you and your partner. Which side of the tribal map do you view the world from? Do you use the North, South, East, or West lens? What tribal direction is your partner facing? In seeking a romantic relationship, first know your tribal position. Knowing your tribal point of origin will help you select the partner whose tribal position of their own accord is likely to connect with yours to create a deeper level of intimacy. Connecting on this more intimate level will help you have more compassion and compatibility in the relationship with your partner. Diane will discuss this in greater detail in Love, The Tribal Physics.

At the conclusion of the E-course, one on one mentorship/coaching will be available and a group Q&A will be held. If you would like to pre-register for the course click the link below on our website. So stay tuned!

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